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So, I use Google Reader to follow my favorite blogs. Extra-awesome posts get a gold star- and here is one recent-ish blog post that I thought was just Too Cool.

The Design Observer Group had a really cool article up, titled Five Years of 100 Days. Basically, students picked an activity, they recorded it for 100 days, and the results were posted.
EXTRASPECIAL GOLD STAR: Boombox, the product of Ely Kim doing “100 days. 100 songs. 100 locations. 100 dances.” It’s awesome, I dare you not to watch it.

BOOMBOX from Ely Kim on Vimeo.

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Truth telling time: when I’m in a bad mood, I watch this video. It always makes me crack a smile- it’s a video you just can’t help but laugh along with. Kind of a laugh-a-long. Two thumbs up!

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Bubble-sorting algorithms have never made so much sense. This video is part of a series from Sapientia University in Romania, and it demonstrates how a coding algorithm organizes numbers in order from smallest to largest.

Heads-up, if you watch this video while listening to Sam Cooke’s Another Saturday Night, it works really well.

Sam Cooke, what a fly cat.

(Source: flowingdata.com)

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My favorite is when the character is clearly in a bad spot, and then, poof, they hang up. Did you get abducted just there? Are you still OK? We’ll never know, because you’re a giant douchecanoe.

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currently hooked on this song. totally awesome. like maroon 5, when they were younger & sexier.

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Nobody leaves this place without singing the blues! This remains my favorite blues song of all time. I love it.

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Blogs have been a staple in my reading diet for a few years now, and I have to say, I really like the blog format. They’re more fluid then books are, and more colorful than newspapers- I love them. Since I read so many blogs, I have lately been noticing some trends in the blogs I like (and also, trends in the blogs I don’t like.) Let’s start with the cream of the crop.


My favorite blogs inevitably reflect some aspect of me in a shiny, well-photographed arena. For instance, I love to do crafts (but rarely have the time for them.) Lo! The Crafts Dept. from Martha Stewart’s craft staff has become a staple for me. They consistently produce interesting crafts that I would like to do myself. Actually, what’s even better than Martha’s staff blog is her staffers’ individual blogs. lemmemakeit is one such example- it has more personality than The Crafts Dept, and the crafts are likewise a bit quirkier. I love it.

Another major interest of mine is fashion. Specifically, office-appropriate fashions that do not make me look like the geeky engineer I am. For some reason, I have lately fallen in love with the extra-petite fashion community. They seem to have a great down-to-earth style, and they do excellent product reviews. The content produced by ExtraPetite is particularly awesome. I don’t know how this happened, but she posted a lot about her quest for perfect nude pumps- and I was hooked. (I am also looking for perfect nude pumps- harder than it seems.)

So, there you have three things common to blogs I love.

1. Shared Interest! The best blog in the world about a subject I hate will probably not make it on my Google Reader for very long.

2. Excellent products. The reviews on ExtraPetite and the crafts of The Crafts Dept. consistently hold my interest and make me want to do/buy/wear cool new things I hadn’t previously considered.

3. Contacts with other blogs. The Crafts Dept. pointed me towards lemmemakeit, and ExtraPetite directed me towards AlterationsNeeded, another great blog.

I was going to continue this post with things blogs should never do, but I’m not even following my own advice all the time with this blog, so I’m going to stop while I’m ahead.

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From atomicnumber20. Win win, right?

From atomicnumber20. Win win, right?

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My favorite thing to do (category: at work, when I’m chained to my computer) is to have this little webcam feed in the corner of my screen. Every year, the National Aviary (housed in Pittsburgh) provides live, free webcam footage of two peregrine falcon couples laying eggs and raising chicks. This happens from March through about.. May? June? .. it’s really fun to watch. Last year, I watched them feed a dead pigeon to their babies. On screen.

This sounds gross right now, but trust me, it was totally awesome.

Screenshot of the Gulf Tower peregrine couple

This peregrine couple nests on the Gulf Tower in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Another couple can be viewed here : http://aviary.org/cons/FalconCam/Cathedral_refreshCam.php

They nest on the Cathedral of Learning (a giant, iconic building on the University of Pittsburgh campus).

More information on these awesome birds and their webcams can be found on this great blog, Outside My Window.

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MTV Girl
The Fighter at MOVIECLIPS.com

The Fighter, from 2010, is a really amazing movie. My favorite character is, by far, Amy Adams’ Charlene. She’s spunky, rough, and not afraid to mix it up. I especially love the scenes where she takes on Mickey’s family- she’s not intimidated by them, and I love that.